What is a portfolio mortgage?

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loan portfolio: Total of all loans held by a bank or finance company on any given day.

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A portfolio mortgage is a loan originated by a lender and kept on the lender’s balance sheet. Because portfolio mortgages are "nonconforming" and aren’t sold on the secondary market, lenders can offer more flexible rates, terms, and qualifications, making them a great tool for real estate investors.

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portfolio loan: A mortgage reinstated for servicing by a bank or lender, rather than being sold to investors on the secondary market.

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Mortgage Minute | 5.6.15 | Conventional, Government & Portfolio Explained Loan portfolios are pools of loans that banks, investment firms or even government agencies own and manage. Loan portfolios are assets because of the recurring revenue that the loan payments create. However, a loan portfolio can also put a business in financial peril if large numbers of borrowers default on loan payments.

My portfolio lender does not offer a 30-year fixed mortgage. My portfolio lender only offers a 15-year fixed, 5/30 ARM, or 7/30 ARM. To get the lowest interest rate, I use a 5/30 ARM on most of my rental properties. Here is a great article with more information on ARMs. Each portfolio lender has different terms and loan programs.

What is a Portfolio Mortgage? A portfolio mortgage lender makes loans then holds those loans in their investment portfolio rather than selling them on the secondary market. Portfolio mortgage lenders are most often smaller institutions such as community banks.

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